The Elk Grove Keller Williams office is happy to announce their renewal projects for Red Day 2011!

Sacramento Crisis Nursery

A program of the Sacramento Children’s Home, we support families during times of stress in order to prevent injury and harm to very young children up to age six.

The Nurseries understand that being a parent is a difficult job and that every parent needs help at times. For those parents without family or friends to call, the Nurseries provide an alternative place for parents in a time of need to leave their child in a loving and safe “homelike” environment as they try to resolve their problems.

RED Day projects include; re-carpeting and re-flooring, interior painting, replacing furniture, sanding and re-painting kitchen cabinets, repairing chest drawer/closet doors, reconstructing patio deck to extend children’s learning center, reviving the colors of outside playground set, replacing patio sun cover, re-staining patio



Located in the heart of Oak Park, an inner-city Sacramento community, Sacramento High School is the second oldest public high school west of the Mississippi River and considered a landmark. Founded in 1856, Sacramento High School has long been recognized as a community landmark and home to many of the state’s successful civic, business and political leaders.

Volunteers will clean up, and assist with beginning stages of garden area by building a compost bin and raised planter boxes, rehabbing their baseball clubhouse, replacing some of the baseball backboard, library reorganization and clean up.

Sac High PS7 (their elementary school) Clean up and trim all bushes, library reorganization.

Chicks in Crisis

Not everyone who hears “congratulations you’re pregnant” is thrilled or excited – It can be a time of desperation and confusion. We are here to help you with your parenting plan with our programs that fit your needs – parenting or open adoption.

Since its inception, Chicks in Crisis has facilitated the placement of an average of 30 babies per year in open adoptions that support the birth mother and the new parents; as well as helping over 250 teens/women per month who are choosing to be parents and need guidance.

Volunteers will be rehabbing her new facility with paint, shelving, etc.

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